Malcolm International’s safety mission is “Everyone Goes Home Safe, Every Day!”   The management team of Malcolm International believes that our craft employees are the foundation for the success of this mission. Malcolm International’s mission will be accomplished by utilizing proven controls like Activity Hazard Analysis (AHA), work plan(s), well thought out operational procedures, and effective scheduling to contribute to our workplace safety. Before work begins on any project, employees are enrolled in pre-job training which covers job tasks, potential hazards, hazard mitigation, and safety plans specific to each project.


Malcolm International is committed to complying with the contract requirements as defined by the Contract, while exceeding our Contracting Officer’s expectations by performing our work with a goal of zero rework. With a hands-on approach to each project, we ensure the quality is being maintained by all craftsmen, vendors and subcontractors, this enables us to address client concerns quickly and build trusted relationships easily. We make the infrastructure needs of our clients a reality by safely delivering projects on schedule and under budget. Malcolm International LLC is the contractor of choice when the project is tough, the schedule is tight, and the expectations are high.


Malcolm International recognizes the importance of reducing carbon footprints and toxicity levels to improve the overall health of the planet and its people. Malcolm employees have extensive experience working in and around environmentally sensitive landscapes and we are committed to a process of continuous improvement to help our customers achieve or exceed their sustainability goals. We strive to make our own business more efficient and embrace Lean Construction practices to move the industry toward a greener future.