Dams & Flood Protection

Dams & Related Features

The professional team at Malcolm International have constructed numerous dams and related features in their 30+ year careers. This is an added benefit to our customers as we can provide innovative solutions, value engineering, as well as cost and schedule certainty founded in actual hands-on experience. Our expertise includes Concrete & Earthen Dams, Intake & Outlet Structures, Crest Structures & Spillways, Navigation Locks, and Powerhouse Facilities.

Concrete Dams: Malcolm Interntional

Concrete Dams

Zoned Embankment Dams: Malcolm International

Zoned Embankment Dams

Inlet & Outlet Structures: Malcolm International

Inlet & Outlet Structures

Crest Structures and Spillways: Malcolm International

Crest Structures & Spillways

Powerhouse Facilities: Malcolm International

Powerhouse Facilities

Navigation Locks: Malcolm International

Navigation Locks

Photo Courtesy of Jeff Riley, President & CEO of Malcolm International

Levees & Scour Protection

In addition to our experience in dam construction, we are also highly versed and capable of constructing all related features of work for levees and scour protection. This includes levee embankments and revetment features constructed from either land or barge; cutoff walls of all types and depths; scour protection; shoreline jetties and breakwaters.

“Their “lean forward” approach on this Project probably saved the contract weeks of back and forth between all parties and kept cost and time growth to a minimum.”

Peter Gauer, Resident Engineer, USACE

Zoned Embankment: Malcolm International

Zoned Embankment Levees

Revetment, Armor Stone, Rip Rap: Malcolm International

Revetment, Armor Stone, Rip Rap

Cutoff Walls for Levees and Scour Protection

Rock Jetties & Breakwaters